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IV therapy and rapid strep, flu, and UTI testing to your home or office.

Book an appointment and a registered nurse comes to you. Get Restore(d) now at home and get back to feeling better and doing what you want to do.

Hungover or dehydrated? We can help. Feeling rundown or just out of sorts? Maybe an IV and vitamin infusion can get you going again. Think you might have the flu or strep throat? We can test and confirm results on-site.


For us, Hyper Wellness is a lifestyle.

Every day, through our retail locations, we help thousands of customers achieve their goals around sports performance, pain management, recovery, beauty and overall wellness.

Now we can bring many of these services to your home or office! Our robust team of medical professionals can assess and diagnose and prescribe various treatments in a convenient and efficient manner.

Save Your Time With The Restore App.

  • Skip the walk-in clinic - a Registered Nurse to your home or office when you need it.
  • Convenient tests, consultations, and treatments so you can feel better and do more.
  • Robust medical infrastructure of experienced and licensed RNs, NPs, and physicians.

What Our Clients Say.