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Q: Who is the app appropriate for?

A: Busy parents, athletes, weekend warriors, executives, travelers…anybody that wants the ability to conveniently, and discreetly, request a nurse WHEN you need one and WHERE you need one.

Q: Can I pay for services using my HSA/FSA card?

A: Yes, we accept FSA/HSA debit cards.

Q: What services are available through the app?

A: The nurse can administer various IV drip therapies such as hydration and recovery drips or NAD+, administer intramuscular (IM) shots such as vitamin B12 and Lipo-C shots, and deliver NormaTec compression therapy. Nurses can also test for common ailments such as strep, flu and urinary tract infections.

Q: How does IV drip therapy work?

A: Drip IV Therapy is a procedure that uses an intravenous (IV) drip to infuse essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids directly into the body. The IV route allows 100% bioavailability compared to the 15-20% the oral route typically provides.

Q: What is the major advantage of IV drip therapy?

A: Vitamin, mineral, and amino supplements are not well absorbed by the body when taken orally. Barriers may exist in the gastrointestinal tract preventing adequate absorption. Administering nutrients via an injection or intravenously (IV) allows for much higher doses of these nutrients to be infused directly into the body. 

Q: What are some benefits of IV drip therapy?

A: IV Nutrient Formulas have been used by infusion facilities to:

  • Improve athletic performance & reduce muscle fatigue
  • Provide relief of hangover symptoms
  • Enhance immunity against viral and bacterial infection
  • Restore hydration levels after a sickness or bout of food poisoning

Q: How long does an IV session last?

A: Drip Therapy sessions typically take 45 minutes. New clients can expect an hour session—an extra 15 minutes is allotted for consultation and nursing assessment. An “Express Drip” will typically take 15-20 minutes and intramuscular injections (for existing clients) can take as little as 5 minutes.

Q: It’s my first IV Drip, what happens when the nurse gets here?

A: On your first session you will be asked to fill out an electronic consent and health history form. The nurse will obtain vital signs and go over the client’s background and goals to ensure that the chosen IV Drip best suits the client’s needs. The nurse will then initiate a telemedicine consult with a Restore provider to establish the provider/client relationship.

Q: How often should I get drip therapy?

A: How often a customer should get Drip therapy depends largely on the specific type of treatment they are getting and client goals. Weekly treatments are often encouraged to get the levels of vitamins and nutrients in the bloodstream at optimal levels. A client may also receive IV Drip Therapy twice a week, spaced a few days apart, if they are getting a different cocktail each time.

Q: Why is getting an IV so popular? Is it a trend?

A: With the rise of high-profile celebrities undergoing IV Drip Therapy, more and more people are discovering the treatment. Drip Therapy is much more than a passing celebrity fad. In fact, doctors have been using it for years to safely and effectively treat and manage a number of health conditions and help patients improve overall health. In addition, the rising cost of healthcare has prompted proactive wellness. People are turning to more natural, preventative ways to manage their health – one being IV therapy. The chance of getting IV therapy as a prophylaxis in a traditional healthcare setting (i.e. hospital) is nonexistent so people have looked in to IV therapy centers to answer this need. Clients have also reported a better experience, environment and better therapeutic outcomes from elective IV therapy.

Q: Where on the body is the IV drip started?

A: Drips are mostly given in the antecubital vein, which is located near your inner elbow. It is a major blood vessel which makes for easy access and comfortable infusion. Our nurses may also use a smaller-gauge, pediatric catheter to access hand and smaller veins if necessary. 

Q: Where are your ingredients sourced from? 

A:All the pharmacies we use are licensed with the FDA as a 503B Outsourcing Facilities which allows them to dispense compounds for office use. They are FDA-registered and PCAB (Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board)-Accredited Compounding Pharmacies. We only source from pharmacies with Current Good Manufacturing Practices in mind and have state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to properly compound sterile injectables.

Q: What is NAD+ IV therapy? 

A:NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all living cells. It promotes cellular regeneration and is a part of the conversion of cellular energy. NAD+ has been proven to repair DNA, protect brain cells, serve as an internal anti-inflammatory and help fend off neurodegenerative disorders. As we age, particularly after 40, our NAD levels decrease within our body. Supplementing with NAD has been shown to improve cognitive function and restore muscle function.

Q: What does compression therapy do for me? 

A:The NormaTec Compression System helps maximize recovery for athletes and non-athletes. The gentle compressing relaxes muscle and connective tissue, which aids in increasing flexibility. The sequential pressure facilitates movement of blood and lymphatic fluid, helps to reduce tenderness, and alleviates soreness

Q: How do the rapid strep and flu tests work? 

A:The nurse will administer a rapid point of care test that involves a swab of your throat or nose. The swab will be treated with a reagent and results are usually available within 15 minutes.

Q: Can you call in a prescription if a flu/strep/UTI test is positive? 

A:Yes! If the test is positive, we will conduct a telemedicine consult with a Restore provider and, depending on findings, we are typically able to call in an appropriate prescription to your local pharmacy. If you have symptoms, regardless of the test result, we often recommend an IV Drip to help replenish fluids and boost the immune system to help you feel better.

Q: I don’t feel so great, but I have no idea what service I should pick. What should I do? 

A:The easiest way is to click the “Feel Better Now.” button and have a nurse sent to your location. Once onsite, the nurse will assess your condition and help you decide the services best suited for you to get you restored and back to doing more.